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Have Great TPT Products but Lackluster Sales?

Take the Guesswork Out of Growing your Teacher Seller Business

Navigate the noise and focus on what matters with the Savvy Seller Quickstart — the step-by-step framework that guides your focus, eases the overwhelm, and paves the way for sustainable growth as a teacher seller.
"Kristen’s expertise and engaging personality make this a must-listen resource for all Teacher-Sellers. The tips and updates help when growing your business and staying organized."
- Melinda

Your Roadmap to TPT Success:

Improve your Product Listings

Make your products stand out from the competition

Ever wonder what makes certain products sell like hotcakes, while other sit on the shelf collecting dust? This video training will teach you how to title your products and design your product images so you’ll have product listings that stand out and sell!

Walk away knowing exactly what buyers need to see in order to click that "Add to Cart" button.

The Power of SEO in Your TPT Store

Get more of your target customers' eyes on your resources

It’s no good having a great product listing if no one ever sees it. And the best way to get more traffic to your productshustle free? Landing at the top of the search results. This video introduces how to optimize your TPT products for SEO.

Walk away ready to use SEO to get your TPT products in front of more teachers.

Expand Your Audience & Grow your biz

Use other marketing channels to grow your reach

One of the most overwhelming parts of growing your TPT income is expanding beyond your TPT store. This video takes the guesswork out of growing your audience. Learn strategies for using a blog, email, or collabs to reach more teachers.

Walk away with a plan for which marketing channels fit your lifestyle & business goals.

Build a profitable TPT business that you love — without relying on constant social media hustle or throwing spaghetti at the wall.

Your Shortcut to TPT Success Awaits!

There's no need to fumble in the dark, trying every tactic and hoping something sticks. I've been where you are, and I've spent a dozen years finding a better way. With the Savvy Seller Quickstart, you get to skip the confusion and go straight to the tried-and-true strategies that really work.
Imagine this:
Less hustle. More sales. And a TPT business that enriches your life, instead of consuming it.
It's not a dream - it's what happens when you take a proven path to success. This is your chance to build a thriving TPT business, and love every step of the journey.

Savvy Seller Quickstart

Your Blueprint for Hustle-Free TPT Success

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