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Themed WordPress Design: Thrifty in Third Grade

Thrifty in Third Grade

Cassie said: “I wanted to be able to do much more with my site than I could do on Blogger. But, I was also scared about the migration! It was so much easier than I expected and I’m so pleased with my site.

Kristen’s support has made me feel an entire year ahead of where I would be if I attempted this on my own! Not only did she deliver an awesome website, but she gave me support and even video tutorials so I wasn’t fumbling around blind while I started working on things. Because of this, no time was lost with the learning curve. I was able to immediately continue adding blog posts, working on SEO, and adding things to my site.

Kristen made a very complex process stress-free for me! I’m so glad I made the decision to migrate to WordPress, and I’m SO glad Kristen did it for me!”