Lessons Learned from Factory Resetting My MacBook (Ep 32)


Factory reset Macbook  What’s your worst nightmare as a TPT seller? Losing everything on your computer is probably at the top of your list! I learned the hard way when I had to factory reset my Macbook, and I’m here to share my lessons. This mishap was a seriously stressful experience, with many moving pieces. … Read more

20 Chrome Extensions for Teacher Sellers (Ep 31)

Chrome extensions for TPT sellers Are you tired of wasting time and feeling like there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done? I’m raising my hand with you! That’s why today I’m sharing my Top 20 Google Chrome extensions for TPT sellers (and really any online entrepreneurs).  Believe it or not, something … Read more

TPT Store Audit with Erin Waters from School of Sellers (ep 26)


TPT Store Audit Do you ever wish that you could get honest feedback about your TPT store from an experienced teacher seller? A store audit may be just what you need! You’ll get to learn exactly what a store audit looks like in today’s special episode. This is a unique episode because it’s originally from … Read more

Let’s Talk Facebook Ads for TPT Sellers with Amanda Kuchlenz (ep 19)


Facebook Ads for TPT Sellers If you know me, then you know that I am all about growing your business with passive income strategies and organic marketing, such as SEO. However, there’s an exception to every rule! Running Facebook ads are my exception. My friend and marketing strategist, Amanda Kuchlenz, joins me today to do … Read more

3 Signs You Need to Update Your TPT Product…now! (Ep 17)


Update Your TPT Product If you have been a TPT seller for some time now, then you probably have lots of products that have been in your store for quite awhile. As nice as it would be to create a product one time and never have to touch it again, we all know that’s not … Read more

The Power of TPT SEO & Niching Down with Arlene Meckes (ep 15)


TPT SEO There are lots of options for strategies to market and grow your business, and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to put your time and energy. You want to focus on the things that will actually move your business forward, and it probably comes as no surprise when I tell you that leveraging … Read more

Selling on TPT Without Social Media (ep 14)


Selling on TPT Where are my introverted teacher sellers? I know there’s many of you out there, and as a result, you may find social media to be extremely draining. It can be a lot of pressure to run a business that relies on sales, and selling on TPT is no exception. We tend to … Read more