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Support + Care Plans

Your WordPress site is set up. Your theme is gorgeous. You’ve added lots of amazing content.

Now what?

WordPress sites require lots of maintenance in order to stay in tip top shape. Security. Backups. Updates. What happens when an update breaks your site? 

Why don’t you let me take care of it for you?

I’ll monitor your site, keep off-site backups (because the ones from your server are useless if you get hacked), update your core, theme, and plugins safely and double check that the updates aren’t causing any issues. You’ll get a monthly report from me letting you know what’s going on with your site and some Google Analytics insights to help you plan your next content.


Learn more about the WordPress Care Plans and choose the option that fits your needs.

It never fails. You get your site designed, or you do it yourself, and you are 1000% in love with it… for about 12 seconds. And then you start thinking of little things you want to add or change. 

I got you Covered!

If you already have a design in place but need a little help, I’m your girl, whether you just need a quick fix or you have something a little more in depth.

I’m happy to help with on page styling, plugin setup, widgets and menus, newsletter integration, and more!


Get in touch with me, and we'll take care of whatever you need done!