Hey y'all!

I’m Kristen. I’ve been helping teacher authors + creatives like you grow your business through beautiful branding and website design for the past 6 years. 

My goal is to give you the foundation and tools you need empower you to take control of this side of your business.

I see you, friend...

You’re working so hard to grow your small business. But there are so. many. things. to. do. I feel you. Launching and growing your own business is so rewarding, but oh so exhausting! 


  • You’re blogger, small business owner, or creative entrepreneur who has (or needs) a website.
  • You’ve been getting by with DIY branding, but now you’re ready to invest in something more profesh.
  • You love the idea of having cohesive branding and a website, but all the decisions stress you out.
  • Having someone to guide you through all those decisions sounds like just what you need!

Let me worry about the tech stuff.

Remember when you could run a successful business without needing to do all the website stuff? Me too. And I get that you miss it! 

The good news for you is that I actually like the website stuff! It’s kind of my jam. So let me handle your website while you focus on what you do best: serving your customers with amazing products!

I do all sorts of things, like…


Want to get to know me?

I started dabbling in graphic design when I was a teenager, designing shirts for my church youth group and some of our events. Then, as an elementary teacher for 10 years (mostly 5th grade, and yes, I love that age!), I used those skills to create engaging classroom lessons and activities. 

Through my teaching resource business at Chalk & Apples, I fell in love with designing my own website. I was asked to do designs for some friends, and a side-side-hustle was born. 

A couple of years ago, I tried really hard to stop designing. I thought I needed to focus on my teaching resources. But I really missed designing websites, and I hated telling clients no. 

Lesson learned. 

Pivot #2 happened, and the side-hustle is now my full-time business. 

I love designing websites for other small business owners. It’s what gets me excited to head to my desk every morning, and I can’t imagine doing anything else!

So tell me, how can I help you?