I am often asked who I recommend for various website/business tools. These are my recommendations. Rest assured that I do not recommend any company or service unless I have actually worked with them (either on my own site or a client’s), and I was pleased with their product and customer service.

This post includes affiliate links for which I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase.

Web Hosting

Choosing your host is a very important decision. The recommended hosts below are my picks for top notch customer service, fast site speeds, and very very minimal downtime. 

I have affiliate links for several other hosts, but do not list them here because I do not recommend them anymore.


Domain Registration

Even though most web hosts also offer domain registration, I recommend keeping these things separate. It makes it much easier to make changes if you ever need to later on. 

Email Marketing

I’ve tried them all, and ConvertKit is my go to for email marketing… I’ve even left them to look for greener pastures and migrated it all back!

Protect your business with legal templates written by an attorney and customized for your specific business. I literally only recommend one person for this… Bobby Klinck. The thing I like most is that he walks you through exactly how to customize every template so you know you’re covered.

At a bare minimum, everyone needs a Privacy Policy, and his is FREE! I highly recommend the Website Policy Pack to make sure you’ve covered all your bases. He also has all the forms you need for memberships, courses, and working with clients or VAs.

At some point soon, those links will no longer work as he’s creating an AI powered legal document generator (it’s AMAZING, I’m one of the beta testers!)

So… if those links are broken, his templates and tools are available here instead…

Want to DIY your website with guidance from a pro?