How to set up Google Analytics on Blogger

How to Set up Google Analytics on Blogger

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Google Analytics is a powerful tool for your blog that will help you monitor your traffic, identify blogging opportunities, and identify which posts, pins, and pages are working best. Setting up Google Analytics on Blogger is quick and easy! Follow this quick tutorial and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

1. Create a Google Analytics Account

Go to Google Analytics, and sign in with your Google Account. If you’ve never set up Google Analytics, click the blue “set up for free” button. (If you’re taken to the Analytics dashboard, you’ve probably already done this, so you can skip to step 2.)

Give your account a name. I would suggest using something other than just your blog name, because you’ll use it later. It really doesn’t matter what you name it though. Mine is called Kristen’s Analytics. Leave all the default checkboxes checked, and click Next.

You’re measuring a website, so choose that and click Next again.

Here’s where you’ll enter your blog info. Add the name of your site and the full URL. Be sure to choose whether your site is http or https. Choose your industry and time zone and click Create.

2. Find your Google Analytics Tracking ID

From your Google Analytics dashboard, click Admin at the bottom left. You should now see your account and property listed on the screen. (If you skipped to this step and don’t see it, click Create Property or Create Account and follow Step 1 above.)
In the middle column, be sure you see your website name at the top and click Property Settings. Under basic settings, copy the entire Tracking ID. It should look something like UA-#######-#.

3. Add your Tracking ID to Blogger

On Blogger, click Settings > Other. At the very bottom, paste the tracking ID in where it says Google Analytics Property ID. Click save.

4. Relax and let Google do its thing

That’s it. You’re all set up and Google will start tracking your Analytics for you!
How to Set up Google Analytics on Blogger