Let’s Talk TPT Data with Jarrett Vaucher (ep 6)

using your tpt data

Ya’ll are in for a treat today because this is my very first guest episode! Better yet, we’re talking to someone who loves using your TPT data just as much as I do.

Jarrett Vaucher is on the show to chat about why using your TPT data is so incredibly important for growth in your business. When you get into the habit of being intentional about tracking your data, it will allow you to make data-driven decisions that will really move the needle in your business over time.

In fact, optimizing what you already have in your store based on TPT data can make a much greater impact than adding new products!

If you are someone who doesn’t pay much attention to your numbers, I think this episode will convince you to start. The truth is, without looking at your TPT data, you have no solid understanding of what’s working in your store and what’s not.

Whether you already track your TPT data closely and consistently or not, you’ll walk away with something new to try. Jarrett offers so much helpful advice on the reasoning behind collecting your TPT data, which data you should even be looking at, what to do after gathering data, and his best tips for low traffic sellers. You’ll also hear our opinion on raising and/or lowering your prices and why you should be using less competitive keywords on TPT.

3:25 Why Jarrett is so passionate about using your TPT data

6:54 The top 3 data points you should be tracking as a TPT seller, and how to know which action to take based on that data

10:27 Why previews are so impactful, and why you should be looking at them closely if you have an underperforming conversion rate

13:25 What you should do if you have a low conversion rate, but already have a preview 

18:12 Common misnomers around using your TPT data 

20:30 Jarrett answers rapid fire listener questions submitted by teacher sellers like you