20 Chrome Extensions for Teacher Sellers (Ep 31)

Chrome extensions for TPT sellers

Are you tired of wasting time and feeling like there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done? I’m raising my hand with you! That’s why today I’m sharing my Top 20 Google Chrome extensions for TPT sellers (and really any online entrepreneurs). 

Believe it or not, something as simple as a Chrome extension can really help you save time, increase productivity, and generally make your TPT life so much easier. And we can all use as much “easy” as we can get!

Now, push play and discover the best Chrome extensions for TPT sellers so that you can start working smarter, instead of harder, in your TPT business.

00:43 The purpose of Google Chrome Extensions for TPT sellers

1:26 My top 20 Google Chrome extensions for Teacher Sellers

7:47 – Project Management Chrome Extension Options

11:47  My top tip for implementing Google Chrome Extensions into your TPT business

Chrome Extensions Mentioned in This Episode: