20 Chrome Extensions for Teacher Sellers (Ep 31)

Chrome extensions for TPT sellers

Are you tired of wasting time and feeling like there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done? I’m raising my hand with you! That’s why today I’m sharing my Top 20 Google Chrome extensions for TPT sellers (and really any online entrepreneurs). 

Believe it or not, something as simple as a Chrome extension can really help you save time, increase productivity, and generally make your TPT life so much easier. And we can all use as much “easy” as we can get!

Now, push play and discover the best Chrome extensions for TPT sellers so that you can start working smarter, instead of harder, in your TPT business.

00:43 The purpose of Google Chrome Extensions for TPT sellers

1:26 My top 20 Google Chrome extensions for Teacher Sellers

7:47 – Project Management Chrome Extension Options

11:47  My top tip for implementing Google Chrome Extensions into your TPT business

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Hey TPT sellers ready to seek growth in your business? You’re in the right place. Welcome to the savvy teacher seller. I’m Kristen Doyle. And I’m here to give you no fluff tools and strategies that will really make an impact on your sale. Let’s get started y’all.

Hey there teacher sellers. Are you tired of wasting time and feeling like there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done? Well, fear not. Because today, I am sharing my top 20 Google Chrome extensions for TPT sellers. And really, these are for any online entrepreneurs.

Believe it or not, something as simple as a Chrome extension can really help you save time, increase productivity, and generally make your TPT life so much easier. Now, I talked about Chrome Profiles on last week’s episode, and you’re going to want to add these extensions to different profiles depending on what you’re using them for. So if you missed it, be sure to go back and give episode 30 a listen.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started and discover the best Chrome extensions for teacher sellers in no particular order. I will link to all 20 of these in the show notes so that you don’t have to go hunting for them because some of them are not spelled exactly the way that they sound.

Number one is momentum. This extension replaces that default kind of boring, new tab with a custom one. It has beautiful photos in the background, a motivational quote, it shows you the time and weather and there’s a place to add your to do list. Now I like to use that to do lists section to drop in my top three must dues for today. And the nice thing is, if I happen not to get them done, anything that is not checked off that to do list will still be sitting there tomorrow to remind me that I really did need to get this done. I love using momentum, because when I open up Chrome is the first thing that I see. And it is so beautiful and motivational and keeps me on top of what I really need to get done today.

Number two is called one tab. And this is an extension that helps you organize all of your bookmarks into a single permanently pinned a tab in your browser. And you can open multiple bookmarks in one click.

Now here’s how I like to use this. Think about those bookmarks that you would normally put in folders across the top of your web browser. And how those folders just take up so much space and you end up not being able to find all over them. I use one tab in place of all those folders. And I will create a section because these are organized double into sections. I’ll create a section for different projects.

So for example, I have a podcast section in my one tab. And that opens up my Google Drive folder where I keep all my show notes, plans, and content calendars, it opens up my Zen caster, which is where I record podcast episodes. It also opens up Buzzsprout, which is where I host and my podcast links on all the different podcast platforms. So I can click to open all of these or I can just choose to open one at a time. But having them organized in one tab helps me really easily and quickly find things that I need, so that I can get right to work.

Number three is called tab suspender. Now I don’t think I know a single TPT seller who doesn’t say that they always have too many tabs open in their web browser. And the problem with that is that it will slow down your computer. And if you are not plugged in, if you’re running on battery, it will kill your battery life. So tab suspender will suspend the CPU use so the actual drain on your computer on any open tabs that you haven’t touched in a while so that you can leave them open without slowing down your computer too much. And it also kind of helps with not burning out your battery so fast. The nice thing is they’re still open and therefore you have when you’re ready to come back to them.

Now number four is one I have shared many, many times but this list would not be complete without it. It is called newsfeed Eradicator. And this one will remove the newsfeed section from a ton of sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more. So that you can go to those websites that you’re probably using for work. And you can still access the things you need, like your page, your Facebook groups, messages, things like that. You just don’t get distracted by that endless newsfeed of more and more content. It simply hides the newsfeed with a motivational quote.

Now the next one is a little bit stronger of a time saver. This one is called Time Warp. And what it will do is keep you off of websites that are distracting you, and redirect you instead to a motivational quote, or maybe a timer to show you how long you’ve already spent on Instagram today. So if you need something a little more harsh than newsfeed Eradicator, Time-warped might be a solution for you.

Number six is called inbox when ready, and this is essentially newsfeed Eradicator for your Gmail. What this one does is hide the one part of your email that causes you distractions, and that is your inbox. I don’t know how many times I have gone to my inbox because I needed to get an email, maybe it was one of those six digit codes to login somewhere.

But when I pop into my inbox, I see messages from people and I feel like I have to respond right now. And it distracts me from what I am doing. So inbox when ready will hide your inbox. And you can still go in you can send emails if you need something that should be in your inbox, you can always search for it by the sender’s name. But your actual inbox will be hidden for a set amount of time. And you can determine how often you want to be checking your inbox or how many times a day.

Now the next one is called marinara. And it is a Pomodoro timer that sits right up in your browser where your Google Chrome extensions are. Now I love using Pomodoro work sessions. This is essentially where you work for 25 minutes, you take a five minute break and you come back and work again. I find that I am super productive when I know it’s just a 25 minute block. And I’m going to put my head down and ignore all the distractions and get that work done.

The downside to a lot of Pomodoro timers is that they run in a separate internet site a separate tab on your web browser. And you may not be able to actually see how much time is left and those sorts of things. So I love this little chrome extension because it just sits right there in your extensions and keeps you on track with your work.

Number eight is noisily. This one is like a white noise machine for your computer. And you can choose from loads of different sounds from actual white noise to nature sounds to soft music, and you can control the volume. You can even set up different profiles essentially, where you have different sounds for different things.

Number nine is called LastPass. Now this is my favorite for securing login information safely and letting me log into websites with a single click. It’s also great if you need to share passwords with someone but you don’t want to actually give them the password itself.

Now the next three, I’m going to list together because you’re really only going to need one of them. So whatever task or project management tool you’re using, there is probably a Chrome extension for it. There is one for clickup it is just called click up. There’s one for Monday, now it is called off site for Monday. That’s the official Monday extension. And then there’s also one for Asana. Now the nice thing is that you can add tasks to your to do list on any of these without ever leaving the browser window that you’re in.

So you don’t have to open up something else where again, you might just get distracted by all the things on that to do list, you can go ahead and add things to your list right from the web browser. Unfortunately, there is no native Trello extension for Chrome. I know a lot of sellers that use Trello for certain things. But this is really more for those task management tools like Clickup, Monday and Asana.

Number 13 is called what font and this one will identify the fonts that are being used on any website. So if you see a font somewhere and you are wondering what font is this, I would love to use it. What font will help you with that it will even tell you the font size and the weight.

Number 14 on a related note is called Color Zilla. This one will find a hex code for any color on any website. You can pull colors from an image or just a color that you see and love maybe in a background or some sort of element on a website that you’re browsing. This is a really great way to make sure that you are keeping things cohesive and tied to your branding because you can pick and choose colors out of your logo or your product covers, things like that.

Number 15 is called Image Size check. And this one will tell you what size any image is on any website. This is really great for being able to create images as small as possible for your blog posts and things like that because you can see what size those images are actually displaying. Most of the time I find that TPT sellers are creating images twice as big or more than they really need to be.

Number 16 is called go full page. Now this one will let you take full page scrolling screenshots of any website Now that you can save as an image or as a PDF.

Number 17 is Grammarly. This one is a must have if you write anything, anywhere online, it checks your writing basically on any website for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors, and it has saved me so many times from making an embarrassing mistake.

Number 18 is word tune. Now this one helps you improve your writing and finish out sentences and paragraphs by using AI. It does also check your grammar but I prefer the grammar tools that are in Grammarly better.

Number 19 is called Toggle. And this one is used for time tracking. So if you need to track your own time on something that you’re working on, maybe you’re trying to do a little time audit of how you are spending your time or if you’re working for someone as a VA and you need to track your time, you can use toggle right in your Chrome browser to do that. Now personally, I use gusto or clickup for time tracking now. But if you need a standalone time tracker, this is the one that I used before switching.

Number 20, last but definitely not least is loom. Loom is used for screen recording. And I use loom constantly, I actually use the desktop app for loom as well so that I can record not only what’s in Chrome, but anything on my desktop. But if you find yourself needing to record things in your web browser, you want to add the Chrome extension for loom.

So there you have it, my top 20 Google Chrome extensions for TPT sellers and other online entrepreneurs. These Chrome extensions save me so much time and they definitely increase my work productivity.

Now, I do recommend organizing these extensions into different profiles, so be sure to listen to the previous episode for more on how to do that. Your action step for today is to try out some of these chrome extensions to streamline your work and make every hour count. And remember, organizing them into those different profiles is really key for keeping things running smoothly. You have got this friend.

Now if you know of an amazing Chrome extension that missed the list, send me a DM on Facebook or Instagram @KristenDoyle.co. I’m always on the lookout for anything that can save me time and effort. Talk to you soon.

I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. If you did, please share it with another teacher seller who would also find it helpful. For more resources on Growing Your TPT business. Head to Kristendoyle.co/TPT. Talk to you soon.

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