How to Use Chrome’s Multiple Profiles as a Teacher Seller (ep 30)

Chrome Multiple Profiles

Do you need help to keep your personal and business life separated? Today I am talking about a super helpful tool that can help you streamline and organize your business and personal life, and that is using the Chrome multiple profiles available in the Google Chrome browser.

If you are like many teacher sellers, you probably use Google Chrome as your go-to web browser for both personal and professional purposes. If you don’t, I highly recommend trying it out. No matter which browser you use, projects can quickly get overwhelming when juggling multiple tasks in any capacity!

By implementing multiple chrome profiles, you can easily access all the different tabs, extensions, and passwords you have to manage for each specific business area. My Chrome profiles saved me a ton of time and headache this month when I factory reset my computer.

You’ll learn what Chrome profiles are, how to access them, how to implement them into your TPT business and personal life, and how I’ve used them to save time and energy in my own life.

1:27 What is a Chrome Profile?

2:07 How to set up and use multiple Chrome profiles

3:01 Things to consider when sharing Chrome profile with others

3:33 The process of switching between your multiple Chrome profiles

6:43 Recommendation for using Chrome profiles as a TPT business owner