Google Drive & Gmail Organization Tips to Help You Start Fresh in 2023 with Dara Sklar (Ep 27)

Gmail Organization

When you open your Gmail inbox, do you feel an immediate rush of overwhelm? Would you be embarrassed for someone to see the inside of your Google Drive? If you answered yes, then today’s episode just might change your life!

I often describe my inbox as a dumpster fire. Even when I take the time to get it organized, and get rid of unwanted emails, I can never seem to actually keep it that way. I know that so many other teacher sellers feel the same way. That’s why I was so excited to have today’s guest, Dara Sklar, on the podcast. Dara is here to help us take on our Google Drive and Gmail organization.

You’re going to love all the tips that Dara shares in today’s episode because they are simple and will save you so much time in the future. What I really appreciate about Dara’s advice is that she knows how overwhelming it is to tackle the thousands of emails you have in your inbox, and the completely unorganized file “system” in your Google Drive.

Because of that, she teaches how to leave the past behind and make changes moving forward. As she says, “My best practice for cleaning up your Google Drive is not to clean up the past, it’s to plan for the future. You don’t have to organize the past to move forward”.

6:04 What you need to know about Gmail organization, including how to get your inbox to zero in minutes

12:50 One suggestion for TPT sellers to decrease the comparison game and have less junk in your inbox

22:14 Dara’s best tips for keeping your Google Drive organized (and your files safe!)

27:50 Why it’s more important to name a file than to have a perfect virtual filing system

38:49 How to prioritize where to start, and what to focus on, with your Google Drive and Gmail organization

41:10 Rapid fire Q&A for Dara