TPT Store Audit with Erin Waters from School of Sellers (ep 26)

TPT Store Audit

Do you ever wish that you could get honest feedback about your TPT store from an experienced teacher seller? A store audit may be just what you need! You’ll get to learn exactly what a store audit looks like in today’s special episode.

This is a unique episode because it’s originally from the School of Sellers podcast, hosted by Erin Waters. It’s a store audit that Erin did for TPT seller, Jennifer Darrell from La Profesora Inspiradora. Erin and I used to do live store audits together on Clubhouse, and we always had so much fun taking a close look at someone’s store and giving them helpful feedback.

It’s so important to ensure that your store is cohesive, true to you, and representative of what you want to be known for. Erin is looking at these things and more during this store audit. Her and Jennifer talk about decisions that go into updating products, how elements such as colors and fonts can make a big impact on listings, and how to attract the right-fit buyers.

5:35 Erin does a walkthrough of Jennifer’s branding to kick off the store audit

11:40 An important way to stand out among competitors on TpT

13:25 Jennifer and Erin talk through whether you should spend more of your time updating and optimizing or creating new projects

19:54 Reflecting on whether or not your TpT store is representative of what you want to be known for

24:00 Erin clicks through one of Jennifer’s product to audit the customer’s journey