My Top 3 SEO Tips for TPT Sellers (ep 2)

SEO Tips

As a TPT seller, do you feel like you have to do all the things in order to keep your sales up? The need to constantly crank out content on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest is overwhelming to say the least. I used to feel like that too. I thought it was the only way that I had a chance at scaling my business, and it ultimately led to feelings of burn out and resentment towards my business.

But then something shifted. I started looking at my data and found that most of my sales were coming from TPT search. Hello passive income! I realized that the key to more passive income was determining where my products ranked in search.

Now that I know how to look at my data, and leverage SEO, my sales have skyrocketed…even without creating tons of new products. Are you ready to hear my favorite SEO tips so that you can learn how to do the same?

  • 2:50 What search engine optimization really is & which two search engines to focus on as TPT sellers
  • 3:33 My top 3 SEO tips for TPT sellers
  • 5:55 How to search for the right keyword in TPT
  • 7:30 One big mistake I see TPT sellers make 
  • 8:50 Your action step to take today after hearing my SEO tips