How VIP Days Work & Why You’ll Love Them

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“But how can you build an entire website in just a day?” It’s the most common question I get about VIP Design Days, and I get it. It’s tough to imagine someone building an entire website in just one VIP day. So today I’m spilling all my secrets!

Starting with this… Your VIP Design Day so much more than just one day! That’s right. While I call it a VIP Design DAY, and the website itself does get built in just a day, the work we do together is much more than that.

Let’s break it down.

What is a VIP Design Day?

When you book a VIP Design Day, you get a professional designer who’s blocked out a whole day to work just on your website. Whether you’re starting a brand new site, need a total redesign, or just have a punch list of updates that need to be made, you get me for the entire day, focused only on your website.

How can you design a whole website in a VIP day?

Simple. We don’t. While you’re booking me for a specific day, our work together actually begins as soon as you sign up.

Like most projects, a website design involves 4 phases: imagining, planning, implementing, and refining. Your VIP Design Day is the implementation part of the process. Here’s how the whole process shakes out:

Phase 1: Imagine

Book your VIP Design Day

Book your VIP Design Day by choosing an available date on my calendar, and paying a 50% deposit to secure your date. As soon as you sign up, you’ll get a welcome email with your next steps, and it’s time to start imagining.

In the imagining phase, you start thinking about what you want your site to look like and how you want it to function. Take a stroll around the web and make note of sites that you especially love or features you’d like to add to your site.

Gather all your website inspiration on a Pinterest board or in a Google Doc to share with me.

Pro tip: instead of just linking to the website, screenshot parts you like. You never know when a site might change, and the part you loved disappears.

Phase 2: Plan

Pre-Design Prep Work

Once you book, you’ll get access to my pre-design prep guide that walks you through all the decisions you need to make and the content you need to gather in order to make our design project a success.

This prep work is truly the key to building or redesigning an entire website in just a day. There’s a lot of information to compile, so I recommend allowing yourself at least a month between booking and the VIP Design Day.

Don’t worry, while there are a lot of things to think about, you’re not in this alone! I encourage all my clients to message me with any questions, and I’m here to help you through any tough decisions.

Phase 3: Implement

The VIP Day

This is where the magic happens! On your VIP Design Day, you get to sit back and relax while I get to work on your website. Throughout the day, you can expect lots of quick back-and-forth messages as I knock out your list and we nail down your design together.

I’ll send you screenshots and previews so that I can get your feedback and make instant changes to the site design. Around mid-day, you’ll be able to view the live demo site and see the changes in real-time. Barring any major tech issues, your site should be ready to go live at the end of our day together.

It’s important to note that when you schedule a VIP Design Day, you are booking me for the DAY, not a set of deliverables. But because of my experience and my super-efficient process, I am able to achieve maximum results in our time together. 

Phase 4: Refine

Post-Launch Support

Because the VIP Design Day is a quick turnaround process, up to an hour of post-day revisions is included in every VIP Day. I’ll ask you to take a few days to look over everything and compile a list of any revisions that need to be made.

After your VIP Design Day, I don’t just leave you hanging! You’ll get video tutorials on how to use your new site, make simple updates, and use any special features we’ve added. You’ll also get 14 days of email support from me, in case you have any questions about your site.

Why my clients love VIP Days

  • They get my undivided attention throughout our day!
  • It is F.A.S.T! (It doesn’t get better than “done by dinner”!)
  • The process is highly collaborative, so they can provide real-time feedback as I work.
  • It’s actually a LESS expensive way to get the same results, faster!
  • My process is super-streamlined and organized.
  • You’ll know exactly when the final product will be ready to share with the world!
  • It’s super exciting to start the day with nothing, and end with tangible results!

Ready to book your VIP Design Day?

You can see my available days and book your VIP Design Day right here, or head to my portfolio to see examples of other sites I’ve built in VIP Days. I can’t wait to work with you!

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